Mountain Huts in Macedonia


Macedonia is a small country but rich of mountains and rivers. From the total number of 40 peaks, 12 are higher than 2000 meters above the sea level.  Stunning scenery, beautiful colors and impressive nature is what the Macedonian heigаhts offer. Mountain Huts are spread all over the territory offering people to experience and explore the eternal sumit's beauty, see the sunrise/sunset, climb to the top of the mountain and enjoy the silence where only the mountains speak.

There are over 41 Mountain Huts in Macedonia. Following are described the most visited ones. Different Mountaineering Sport Clubs manage  different Mountain Huts. In case one wants to overnight or stays longer in a specific Hut, one has to contact the Mountaineering Club couple of days prior to arrival.

Mountain Jakupica

1. Skopje

The surrounding of  the capital city has 10 Mountain Huts, among the most visited ones are the Mountain Hut Dare Djzambaz, the Mountain Hut Matka and the Mountain Hut Karadzica.

Mountaineering Club Bistra manages the Mountain Hut Dare Djambaz. The Hut is located on 1060 meters above the sea level, Mount Vodno, only 20 meters below the Millennium Cross. The most beautiful panoramic view of Skopje and the surrounding mountains is from this Mountain Hut. The hut is open every weekend. It has two floors and it there can sleep up to 25 people.

Mountaineering Club Drachevo manages the Mountain Hut Karadzica. The Hut is located on the foot of Mumdzica Mount, Jakupica Massif, and 1450 meters above the sea level. The foundation stone was laid in 1952. The Hut has 15 rooms with capacity to host 65 people. 

Mountaineering Club Peoni manages the Mountain Hut Matka. The Hut is located on the canyon of the River Treska, village Matka. It is close to the bus station. It has two floor, 8 rooms and capacity to host 30 people. It is an ideal place for overnight for those who want to explore the Canyon, climb the rocks on the other side of the river and visit the most famous cave in the area.


View From Vodno

2. Veles

The mountains Dautica and Babuna have 6 Mountain Huts among the most visited ones are Mountain Hut Mokreni, Mountain Hut Papradishte and Mountain Hut Cheples.

The Mountain Hut Cheples is open during the whole year; there lives a person that maintains the hut. It is located on the Mount Dautica, Jakupica Massif on 1420 meters above the sea level. It can be reaches from many locations and mountain trails. The peak Solunska Glava can be easily reached from the Hut.

The nongovernmental organization Green Power manages the Mountain Hut Papradishte. The hut is on 1000 meters above the sea level and it has capacity to host 35 people in five bedrooms. From Veles, the Hut is around 53 km away. In 2005, the Hut was renovated. It is mainly open for the weekends. From the hut  there is a marked path leading to the peak Solunska Glava, 2540 meters high.



3. Bitola

The Mount Baba is close to the town of Bitola, around 15 km. There are four Mountain Huts located on mountain plans and heights, among the most visited are the Mountain hut Dimitar Ilievski Murato and the Mountain Hut Kopanki.

Mountaineering Club Pelister manages the Mountain Hut Kopanki and the Mountain Hut Dimitar Ilievski Murato. One can reach the Hut Kopanki following the mountain trail from the Hotel Molika, around 30 minutes walking. From the hut the peak Pelister is easily reachable as well as the most beautiful mountain lakes in Macedonia, Small and Big Lake. In addition, the Mountain hut Dimitar Ilievski Murato is located on 2218 meters above the sea level, offering the most stunning view over the Mount Baba. It is located right next to the Big Lake.

Big Lake

Big Lake

Murato Monument

 4. Demir Kapija

This town is located along the regional road that connects Skopje with Strumica.  This is ideal place for adventurists who come for rock climbing. The Mountain Hut Kalabaster is located at the end of the town, close to the river. It has 11 room and can host up to 44 people.

Solunska Glava

5. Kumanovo 

The most famous locality in Macedonia, a megalithic observatory Kokino is located near the city of Kokino. Moreover, the mountain Hut Malotino is ideal if one is planning to hike up to the observatory for the stunning sunrise or sunset. Mountainering Club Kozjak manages this Hut.

Kozjak Lake


6. Western Macedonia

Shar Mountain is the biggest Mountain Range on the western part of the country. The nearest towns from which you can access the beautiful nature are the city of Gostivar and Tetovo. There are 7 Mountain Huts on this region and among the most visited are the Mountain Hut Ljuboten (Popova Sapka), the Mountain Hut Ljuboten (Mount Ljuboten), Mountain Hut Tajmishte and Mountain Hut Konak.

The Mountain Hut Ljuboten, located in Popova Sapka is the first and the oldest one in Macedonia. The Mountaineering Club Ljuboten manages this hut. The capacity is 12 people and the basic sanitary is available at the hut.  From there the second highest peak in Macedonia Titov Vrv can be reached from 4 to 5 hours, 17 km.

The Mountain Hut Konak is located in the complex of St. Naum Ohridski on the 1760 meters above the sea level.  The interior is a combination of wood and stone. It can host up to 18 people in 5 bedrooms.

The Mountain Hut Ljupoten, which is located below the summit, can be reached from the village Vratnica. From there easily reachable is the peak Ljuboten, 2499 meters above the sea level.

The Mountain Hut Tajmishte is located on railway station Tajmishte. The hut has capacity of 40 beds. The nearest peak to be climbed is Sandaktash, 1981 meters above the sea level.

Hut Ljuboten

Hut Konak

Shar Mountain

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