Ramstore Mall


The only formula for success Ramstore uses is the motto “The customer is always right”. We exist for the customer, not the other way round. The customer is the final consumer and the link of the whole operation called trade. We are always available to our customers, 365 days of the week.

Ramstore is the first shopping centre in Macedonia and the region with global standards and more than 90 selected stores that satisfy the tastes, needs, and budgets of the customers.

Ramstore opened on 11 June 2005 and is a chain of international retail supermarkets belonging to Migros Türk A.Ş.In May 2008, Moonlight Capital S.A. completed the takeover of 50.8% from Migros Türk A.Ş. The board of directors changed and Bülend Özaydınlı became President of the Supervisory Board. At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 24 July 2008, Özgür Tort was named General Manager of Migros Türk A.Ş. starting from 1 August 2008. The purpose of this action was for the new management and shareholders structure to show its fast growth.

The Ramstore Shopping Centre has more than 20.000 visitors on a daily basis, 5.000 of which are visiting the supermarket. Even though Ramstore is a part of an international network consisted of many countries (Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan), its strategy is to work with the local importers, manufacturers and distributors.

Ramstore has serious long-term plans for work and expansion in the Republic of Macedonia, whereas the shopping centre and hypermarket in the centre of Skopje are just the beginning of the creation of the chain that is expected to become present in many parts of the country in the next years.

Ramstore Macedonia will become a pillar of friendship between the history and culture of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia. Ramstore works on creating a close and lasting cooperation with its clients, suppliers and leaseholders and strives to introduce a new level of professionalism in the retail sector in every possible way. Entering the Macedonian market has provided a new medium through which domestic manufacturers, suppliers and traders can present their offers and reach the buyers in a better way.

Ramstore shopping centre is more than an ordinary shopping centre. The shopping centre is a real fun spot with friendly cafeterias, fast food and restaurants, situated on 25000 square meters together with several movie theatres and children’s section. The shopping mall also contains a safe parking lot, bank, beauty parlour, dry cleaning, photo studio, and many other amenities that tend to the customers seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

We wish you a pleasant visit of the Ramstore shopping centre.


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