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Titov Vrv is the second highest peak in Macedonia, 2747 meters. It is the highest peak of the 80 km long mountain range, Shar Mountains. The scientists have proven that the grassy area in these highlands is one of a kind, incomparable with other mountains.

Titov Vrv

Starting Point

The starting point is from the ski-resort Popova Sapka, which is on elevation of 1100 meters. The road to the ski resort is asphalt but with very sharp turns. The best option to reach the resort is by car or taxi. There is no organized transport. Moreover, during the winter the ski lift is working but that season is not recommended for hiking up to the top. It is only for professional alpinists.

Titov Vrv


Routes leading to Titov Vrv: two.
The normal route starts from the Hut Smreka, medium difficulty. It is a macadam path.  The whole length of the trail is around 17 km up walk, one way. The trail is marked all the way up to the top with red and white mountain markation, easily visible. Eagles Rocks is the place where the trail from macadam path continues into mountain trail. There is also a short cut. Instead to go to the Hut Smreka, one can follow the path on the left side of the Hotel Popova Sapka. The route goes up to the ski lifts. Once the ridge is climbed, the macadam path is visible. Continue into the path.
The tougher route consists of climbing Ceripashina (2525 m) and Bakardan (2700 m) before one reaches Titov Vrv.

Before you reach the summit, there is a plateau with a marked sign H, where helicopters can land. The last hill before the summit is almost upright but the view from the top is worth trying. The whole route to the top should not take more than 4 hours.

There is a tower on the top of the summit, which is visible even from the town of Gostivar, 60 km away.

Titov Vrv

Titov Peak

Best time to climb

Best time to climb Titov Vrv is from July through September. However, if you really want to get the most of the mountain do that when the weather is warmer and the daylight is longer. May, June and October are also recommended for hikes despite the colder weather. Titov Vrv

Keep in mind

- Do not underestimate the nature. The weather in the mountains can change within a minute.
- In winter, do not go hiking without GPS and a professional guide.
- If you will be climbing the peak in spring, early summer and autumn always bring full equipment including hiking clothes (couple of t-shirt to change, hat, gloves a warm waterproof jacket, good hiking boots). You can always take off your clothes and put them in your bag. Bring an ice ax for any case because during those months you can come across a glacier and places covered with frozen snow.  
- Bring enough food and at least 3 liters of water.
- Follow the markation because you can easily get lost and climb another peak then from the height you will realize you have missed the tower.
- Start your hike early in the morning so you will not rush. You will have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Titov Peak

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