What you Need to Know when Traveling to Macedonia


Augustine of Hipp says the the world is a Book and those who do not travel have read only one page. It is true because  at the end what counts is the experience, enjoyment and those little things, traditions and customs you learn when travelling to a certain country and place. Don't be disappointed in the future by all the things you did not do, by all the cities you did not visit. Dream, explore and discover the world. Helpful information you need to know before travelling to Macedonia are listed below.

Visa Information

1.Visa Policy and Information

The most important thing is to have a valid passport for at least three month after you leave Macedonia. There are certain nationalities that require a visa to enter the country. However, residents of the European Union and those living in the Schengen Area do not need a visa to enter Macedonia. Moreover, they can stay for up to three month. In addition, USA residents also are not required to have a visa for a short tourist stay in the country, up to three months. All these information and more are available in the Visa Policy and Information article.

How to get to Macedonia

 2. How to Get to Macedonia

This is one of the most important and vital steps when planning a trip. The question is always whether to travel by Car, by Bus, by Train or by Airplane. Most of the decisions depend on the travel budget.
Macedonia due to its location in the middle of the Balkan is easily accessed by any kind of transportation. Detailed description on How to Get to Macedonia is written in the article.

Travel Guide to Macedonia

 3. Travel Guide to Macedonia

It is an asset to know the general information about Macedonia when visiting for the first time. The most vital ones are information about the currency, climate zone, alphabet, language, food price, special requirements when driving in the country, mobile operators, cuisine and the important telephone numbers in case of an emergency are found in the Travel Guide to Macedonia.

Facts About Macedonia

4. Facts about Macedonia

Facts are information that are always true and cannot be changed. As every country, Macedonia has a history that cannot be changed. History left visible marks which are found elsewhere in Skopje. Among the 21 facts listed in the Facts about Macedonia article the most important si that Macedonia is home to one of the world’s oldest observatory Kokino. Yet, the Macedonian Pearl, Lake Ohrid is the oldest lake in Europe. The most devastating event in the Macedonian history happened on 26th of July 1963, when an earthquake hit the town.

Skopje by Night

5.Travel Guide to Skopje

When planning a visit to the capitol of Macedonia, it is advised to read the Travel Guide to Skopje. The guide provides general information about the town. Moreover, information about the public transport, shopping centers, museums, festivals and attractions are detailed.   

Macedonia  Traditional Dress

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