Thermal Spa Centers in Macedonia


1. Bansko Spa

This Spa Center is around 12 km away from Gevgelija, village Bansko. The excavations near the hotel Tzar Samuil showed that there was a bath since the Roman times and the major five springs existed since the 3rd century. The ruins witness that people were using the natural sources even centuries ago. Three hundred years ago, the Turks renewed the baths and until then it is continuously in operation.

The thermal water in this Spa center is rich with rare minerals, curative against rheumatism and other inflammation deseases. In addition, the Spa center in 2012 was selected to be the best Spa destination in Macedonia.


2. Katlanovo Spa

This thermal Spa center is located 20 km away from Skopje, village Katlanovo. This place is known since the Roman times. The village is surrounded with hot and cold mineral springs. A special hospital for rheumatic diseases, chronic deseases and physic therapy is available in the village. The temperature in the hottest spring reaches over 500 °C.

3. Kezhovica Spa

This thermal Spa center is located along the River Bregalnica, near the city of Shtip. The water is composed of sodium sulfate, sodium oxide and sodium chloride, which are found to be curative against rheumatism, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Debarsko Lake

4. Capa Spa Centre

This Spa center consists of two hotels, Kosovrast and Banjishte. Both of them are located on altitude of 880 meters, high in the Korab Mountain. Hotel Kosovrast is located on the most picturesque place in western Macedonia where the River Radika enters the Debar Lake. Moreover, 500 meters from the hotel is the center of the village, Kosovrast. The hotel has been renovated and has two indoor swimming pools with thermal water.   The other hotel Banjishte is around 100 meters away from the center of Banjishte, right on the coast of Lake Debar. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool and a sauna. Varieties of massages are offered.

Caps Spa center

5. Negorski Spa

The first data that this spa center existed are from the 1864. It is located around 3km away from Gevgelija. The complex is spread on over 22 acres on the foot of Kozuf Mountain. Moreover, this center is a complex of several hotels including  Hotel Jasen, Hotel Bozur and Hotel Ilinden.  The hot thermal water comes out from two springs.  The water temperature is around 40 °C.


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