Camping Places in Macedonia - Trailers and Tents


With its central position, the hearth of Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia is on the crossroad of many bikers and trailer campers. Therefore, facilities for such travelers are offered in couple of towns and areas in Macedonia.


1. Sunrise Camping Site

This camping site can host up to 15 trailers or 15 tents. It is open from March until December and it is not working during the winter season. Sunrise camping site is located in the village Kalishta on the shores of Ohrid Lake, around 20 km away from Ohrid and 5 km away from Struga.


2. Campsite As

This camping site is part of the Hotels Group, Drim. It is located on the shores of Ohrid Lake around 2.5 km away from the town, Struga.  It has capacity of 1000 camp units. Moreover, there is space available for campers. The camp has its own beach, reception, sport facilities, restaurant and a mini market. Camp As is operating from May until October.


3. Car Camp Ljubanishta

This campsite is located 30 km away from Ohrid, vicinity of village Ljubanishta.  It covers an area of 10 hectares. Over 2000 campers can park in the campsite. Moreover, additionally there are around 100 stationed campers. Campsite Ljubanishta has its own private beach, a restaurant and a grocery shop.



4. Car Camp Gradishte

This campsite is within the limits of the National Park Galichica, 14 km from Ohrid towards the monastery St. Naum. Campsite Gradishte covers 9 hectares of land along the shore of the Lake Ohrid. Over 100 places are available for either tents or car trailers. Moreover, 8 bungalows and 20 stationed campers are available for guests. The campsite has 3 beaches, 2 shops and a summer discotheque.


5. Car Camp Oteshevo

The campsite is located on the foot of Mount Galichica, western coast of Prespa Lake.  The tourist village Oteshevo is around 45 km away from Bitola. The campsite Oteshevo has capacity of 15 bungalows, 250 places for either car trailers or tents.  Private beach and shop are available on site.


6. Car Camp Capri-Krani

Part of the camp had been renovated and 30 apartments, 12 bungalows and a restaurant that can host up to 450 people were added to the site. The beach along the campsite has 60 chairs for sunbathing and a bar. Campr Capri-Krani is located along the shores of Prespa Lake.


7. Mavrovo Lake

Mavrovo Lake is one of the Macedonian artificial lakes which is within the limits of a National Park. It offers many places for camping; however, there are no facilities around the lake for such an adventure except for the locality called Krstovi. That is a small area along the shore on the lake, on the left side as one is heading to the village Mavrovo. There is only a water fountain and no other facilities but many tents are stretched in this place. In addition, the nearest shop is 3 km away, before the damn in the village called Mavrovi Anovi.

Mavrovo Lake

8. Matka-Skopje

Matka is the most popular tourist destination, close to the Macedonian capital city. There are two places where people can camp. One of them is in the St. Nikola Shishevski churchyard and the other place is along the Canyon of the River Treska, the yard of the Mountain Hut Matka. However, the places are on two completely different locations. To reach the St. Nikola Shishevski one has  either to cross the river on the metal bridge and hike up to the St.Nikola Shishevski Monastery or to reach the Lake and from there to cross it by boat. The camping in the churchyard is free.


St. Nikola Shishevski and St.Andrija

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